Wednesday, January 28, 2009


My new favorite word and game is Money! It all began at the mall one day when I saw other kids throwing money into the fountain. But what I have discovered is that mommy and daddy have money around the house that I can throw into sinks, tubs, name it and I can throw money into it. At first I think mom and dad thought it was cute that I would say money, but after endless days of me "polietly" asking for money while standing at the sink or tub I think it has lost its charm. Here are a few pictures of me and my well as a few of me playing copy cat with dad!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The snow has arrived

I got a sled for Christmas and haven't been able to use it...until today! After dad came home from work, we all got bundled up and headed to the church to sled. We didn't look like the most prestigious family - I was wearing boots that we too small, mommy's gloves, Dad had paint on his pants, and mom was wearing a pair of dad's pants with plastic baggies on her feet...I am glad that I didn't run into anyone I knew! It was soooo cold that we didn't last very long, but it was an outing!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Just call me Peter Pan!

Well something very exciting has happened to me the last few days...I FOUND MY SHADOW! At first it was a little scary, but after waving at it and talking to it I found that he is not scary at all. In fact, I see lots of sha-ohs (shadows)now...chairs have a shadow, tables have shadows, even mommy has a shadow. A whole new world has been discovered! Today mommy and I had some friends over to play. For the most part I played very nicley with baby Rowan, except I learned that you can't throw blocks at babies...oops! I have also started to jump...kinda. I have the feeling they just pretend I am getting off the ground, but I certainly try very hard. Lots of arm and head throwing. One of these days I will be able to touch the ceiling fan that I love so much! Dad has been home for the last few days on vacation, but he had to go back to work today and it was an adjustment. I was so spoiled to have my buddy being there all day long, that I waited by the window calling for him, when he came home it was a sweet reunion!

Showing off my jumping ability!

Waiting for daddy...

Greeting daddy...

Kissing my shadow!