Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Corbin's 3rd Birthday...a tad late!

The pirate's life for Corbin! Cake, friends and waterslide...what more could a three year old ask for? To say that Corbin liked his birthday party would be an understatement...he LOVED it! Weeks after, we still hear him asking for another Pirate Party. Glad he had fun, but don't want him to turn four yet!!!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Look Mom...I dressed myself!

These pictures show just the tiniest glimpse of Corbin's goofieness!! He surprises us everyday with a witty and hilarious comment that makes us know we are in for a ride with this one! A few recent comments from Corbin, "Daddy, your hair is touching your ears. You look like the guys from Monster's Nic (aka Monster's Inc.)!" "Mommy, is my baby sister going to go pee pee out of her bottom like you does?" A little boy in his class was crying for the entire morning. Corbin plugged his ears and told him, "Turn off your tears! And go over there if you are going to cry!" (Do you think he has been told that once or twice?) "Mommy, you are too big for the slide. Daddy, do you want to go down with me?" (I know, mommy has a big belly right now, but I still think I weigh less then daddy!!) "Look mommy. I found money. I will take one to Kroger and the other for Nicaragua (where our sponsor child is)." That one was very sweet! The list could go on and on...we are trying to put a hault to potty talk. It must be an inate thing in boys :) He keeps us laughing and we love him lots!!!