Wednesday, August 20, 2008

It has been a while!

As I get bigger, I get faster. Which means mom is busy chasing me around ALL day not really allowing for many moments where she has a free hand to take a picture. I will try to slow down so we can make sure the blog gets updated more. After watching other kids my age around town and at church mom and dad have decided that I am the busiest little guy around. I wake up (very early these days I might add) at 100 miles an hour and don't stop until I sleep. a new development is that I can say a few words like light (li-li), kitty (titty), dog, uh-oh, dada. I also love water! Any chance I get to turn on a faucet or throw something in the toilet is a fun time. This last weekend I went to Ohio and to Michigan to visit family, and it was a good time because water was involved!!!

Friday, August 1, 2008

Feeding myself...

I was being kind of stubborn the other day when mom and dad were trying to feed me. I don't think they like to be swatted at! So they gave me the spoon and let me do it do you think I did?

My new favorite game!

I found the cabinet that mom and dad didn't Corbin proof (but I have also been able to open up the ones that they thought they out smarted me on), and my new favorite thing is throwing things. Where? Anywhere! The toliet, sink, trashcan, laundry baskets, anywhere that seems like it should be off limits!