Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Random Pictures

Corbin loves his "silky" so much that we have to wash it frequently. He doesn't like to see his best pal in the washing machine. He stands their yelling "SILKY!"

Being reunited with Silky and enjoying some "ishies."

Corbin is starting to actually sit for almost an entire book!
Sometimes we forget to put our arms out!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Just one of the...girls?

Sorry for the delay since the last post, but Corbin had the stomach flu which followed him for about a week...believe me no one wants to see pictures of that! What is amazing is that despite being extremely sick, he still didn't slow down. Someone needs to tell him that when you are sick you can sleep longer or sit down for say 5 minutes!!! He is our energizer bunny. But the reason that I am posting tonight, is that Corbin does not approve of these pictures. He claims he does not recall the following situation. That it must have happened when he was delirious from the flu. However I thought they were cute and that you may like them too. (Thanks Chaney for letting Corbin play with your dolls and barbie microphone)

Corbin has become quite the chatter box. In fact he rarely stops "talking." He carries on continuous conversation with whoever is willing to listen. But he does know tons of words. I am amazed each day with what this little guy knows. He is starting to piece a few words together like "shoot the ball" and "dadda home." He is also showing us glimpses of the terrible twos. He does not like the word no! We have had a few all out tantrums, but hopefully this means when 2 comes he will be a piece of cake. Corbin is such a joyful little boy and he gives the best hugs and kisses!