Sunday, July 25, 2010

The first leg of vacation...

You may be able to look back to a year or so ago and see how mortified mom and dad were to take me on an airplane, but they have done it again. And if I may say so, this time was a smashing success! The dvd player and plethora of snacks may receive credit from mom and dad, but I like to think it is because I am really just that good! I did look around on my flights and noticed other kids my age doing the strangest thing...sleeping! Boy did they miss out. I was worried mom and dad didn't fully appreciate the bathrooms on the airplane so I made sure I had them take me often. Here are some pics of my airplane experience and my first stop on my trip to see GiGi...

How we spent our layover

We had lots of fun at GiGi's house!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Toy Story Love

"You've got the wrong Buzz!" "To infinity and beyond." "That's not flying, it's falling with style." These phrases and more can be heard at nearly any point during a typical Corbin day. Marketing has worked on this toddler...if it is Toy Story he wants it...well in his words "needs" it. Let's see how long it lasts. If it is like any other toy...about 2 seconds!! Corbin has yet to find the thrill in playing solo or with a toy. He often says "I need a friend to do it with me." Mommy is usually the friend :)

Wearing "Buzz Wings"

Flying with Woody

Monday, July 5, 2010

A buckeye for the week

A week at grandma and grandpa's house equals lots of parks, pools, and playmates!

Could someone tell this boy he is not 5 years old! Sometimes he is such a daredevil it is scary.

Big Bangs and Bad Ears make for an interesting night! Once we remedied the situation, he thought the fireworks were pretty cool.

Should we be flattered or frustrated that Corbin refuses to wear any type of floatation device without screaming bloody murder, but trusts us completly and jumps off the diving board. He doesn't even mind if he goes under water. But this afternoon he made big strides. He had us let go while he was "swimming" and tippy toed and arm swam around the shallow end. He was so proud of himself. He cheered and exclaimed "Mommy I do it all by myself...I don't need you anymore daddy!"