Sunday, July 31, 2011

The Big 04

Can hardly believe that my favorite little man is four years old already! Corbin is FULL of life and a huge blessing in ours. He is silly, dangerous, curious, a wonderful brother, a Connoisseur of chocolate milk, loves having friends to play with, never tires of asking questions, and a complete joy! On the morning of his birthday he was asked if he felt any different now that he was 4, he responded, "I do feel a little stronger!" Kurt picked him up and he said, "Mommy! Daddy can still pick me up when I'm four!" He says the funniest things...we are always laughing! And I hope we can carry him for a long time to come. We celebrated his big day with a Star Wars inspired party. He had the time of his life! He jumped, splashed and light sabered his way through the day. The following morning we asked if he had fun, he said, "Yes, but my body hurts!" It's tough being 4, but I think he can handle it.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Just Goofin' Around


In his defense...I didn't tell him to put his underwear on his bottom...

In my defense...I didn't think I had to!

See the ball...

Get the ball...

Eat the ball!

Quincy is learning early what it takes to be a Brodbeck!

Getting a picture of Corbin looking at the camera and smiling is somewhat is a brief idea of what goes on behind the scenes!