Tuesday, November 3, 2009

A roarin' good time!

If there was an award for horrible parent, we would get it! We didn't have a camera on Halloween...terrible right? But our neighbor was kind enough to let us snap a few shots so we could capture our cute lion on his big night. The first few houses were slightly confusing to Corbin. He traded candy with each homeowner. I like to think he was polite and wanted to give them a treat because they gave him one. But at about house 4 he was a pro!
Some Corbin quotes of the night:
Some houses just left a bowl of candy on a stool for the kids to take..He would go take a piece of candy and come back kind of sad and say "It was just a stool."
Another house had ghosts on the porch, Corbin told the homeowner, "I like the snowmen."
At one house there were two bulldogs, Corbin turned to them and growled like a lion. He showed them who was boss!

Upon returning home Corbin dumped out is candy and began SWIMMING in his goodies. Just like Scrooge McDuck in all his gold. He jumped and skipped and surveyed his candy for the remainder of the night.